Our focus is on working in partnership to create and build good quality and well-located family homes

Rula Homes focusses on providing well-designed build-to-rent and mixed tenure housing, primarily in Yorkshire, Derbyshire, the North West, North East and West Midlands.

We work in collaboration with Registered Providers and share a strong common vision and purpose to provide much-needed affordable housing. We focus on working with local authorities and housing associations to maximise what we can all achieve together, delivering land lead solutions.


Through sustainable projects we strengthen local
economies and provide quality family homes for growing communities


We work with our Registered Providers unlocking under-utilised land, offering a modern approach to tackling the housing challenge.

It’s about more than simply closing the gap between supply of affordable homes and demand.

It’s about the creation of truly affordable housing as part of sustainable, inclusive and happy communities


Rula Homes can provide our partners with significant in-house expertise, which allows us to manage risk and control the whole development process.

Our services include sourcing well-located land opportunities, securing planning consents and ensuring the delivery of consistently high quality and well-designed homes and places.

Our technical expertise means that we understand the requirements and specifications when identifying suitable sites – we recognise the risks involved and can make a realistic assessment of what it could be used for.

The team can source land-lead solutions and purchase the land unconditionally. Our team will work with architects to design a housing solution to the RP’s requirements.


We are highly skilled in creating integrated developments across England with a wide range of tenures and uses

We are ideally placed to create affordable housing opportunities for our RP partners, primarily through planning agreements, build to rent housing, estate regeneration, mixed-use schemes and joint ventures.

Land Acquisition

  • Ability to identify a high volume of suitable land
  • Agile and swift approval process supporting fast paced contractual commitment
  • Excellent networks across a wide array of land owners and agents


  • Experienced development partners that ensure the most
    appropriate planning route is selected to obtain a
    successful outcome
  • Understanding of local authorities and the complexities
    within their protocols


  • Experienced design professionals that guide design
    solutions to ensure both construction and operational
    efficiencies to deliver high-quality affordable homes
  • Building well-designed homes and making them
    accessible for all
  • Flexibility designed upfront to suit changing investor
    and tenant requirements.


  • Working in collaboration with our construction partner,
    we deliver competitively priced projects on time and to
    a high standard
  • Significant experience in complex construction sites and
    all aspects of low to high rise brownfield development.
  • Excellent supply chain relationships with access to
    labour and competitive tender processes


Innovative and affordable housing solutions

We want to work with RPs who are committed to partnering with us on projects from their inception on a shared vision and goal.

This enables us to design the affordable housing provisions to meet our partner’s specific needs and which also addresses local affordability criteria.

With urban populations continuing to grow and social and affordable housing stock in decline, it’s clear a different approach is needed to help close the existing housing gap; focussing on quality family homes delivered in collaboration with RP’s.

Simply to keep up with
household growth

over the next 25 years, England needs to build an extra


dwellings  each year to 2024

then   199,000   thereafter


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